AOS Air-O-Swiss 7147 Ultrasonic Humidifier – Warm and Cool Mist

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Air-O-Swiss units have various options for users.  Very fine mist can be released into the room that evaporates instantly. Warm mist option allows for 104 degrees Fahrenheit offering a pleasant room temperature in cool to cold weather. Replaceable cartridge that demineralizes water to reduce lime and other residues. Hydro Stick allows the humidifier to stay clean for longer periods of time.

Some complain about the output level control. The 7145 allows for continuous adjustment while this unit provides 3 setting. The three settings provide a low, high, and high plus. If you think continuous control is for you, check out the 7145.

If you have issues with your unit, please know that customer service is available. Some companies do not offer reliable customer service to support their units. However, know going into this purchase that the customer support is only open during the week during business hours.

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